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October 23, 2014

Sellers are opting to sell their homes privately… But is that the best move?


F rugality in today’s world makes sense! Our parents used to admonish, “money does not grow on trees” and there was more than a kernel of truth in that. Looking closely at where our dollars are going or will be going is the right thing to do.


Regarding home sales, some sellers are opting to sell their homes privately. On the surface this seems like a way to save money. However there are other factors to consider which may not be so apparent. Talking with a Realtor prior to making decisions is critical.
October 6, 2014

When is the Right Time to Buy or Sell a home?


I t is an increasingly complicated world we live in. There’s a lot going on locally, nationally and internationally. At times, given the steady media blitz which bombards us daily with reams of information, it can all become quite overwhelming.

The Real Estate Market, both in Ottawa and in the Kemptville area, has seen some minor fluctuations over the past several years. For a period of time Kemptville homes saw a fairly regular appreciation from year to year. In some cases appreciation may still apply and in others this will have a less pronounced pricing effect. So what is the right price for your home? What is the right price for you to pay if you are purchasing a home? When is the right time to sell or buy a home?